Getting creative with Ipad

 Today, we used our Ipads to help us with sight word review.  We used recycled paper (in conjunction with our Earth Week theme) to hide our sight words.  Each student chose a word out of the bin and wrote the word on "show me" app on the white board.  The students LOVE using this app! It is really just a white board but it is extremely motivating for them!


Luckily, everything we used today was free!  The show me app is available for free from the app store,
 and if you like the word cards, they are available free at  this link.
We also used the app for our math activities.  We are learning to add here in kindergarten.  We are using manipulatives, and learning to write number sentences.

Hmm what will tomorrow bring?  I love having the Ipad available in my classroom!  We use it in so many fun ways! It is very motivating for the students even for an activity so simple!


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