Spring Break

It's the most wonderful time of year!!! Spring is by far my favorite season!  I am so happy to have a break at this time of the year!  Things have been super  busy in my classroom and my supertastic student teacher has been doing an amazing job with our students.  I have been working hard catching up on paperwork... oh joy... and finishing up some projects for my students.  I have even been able to get a few new things up on Teacherspayteachers.

This puzzle is cut and laminated and paired with an identical puzzle of the letter d.  Students make two puzzles, one with all b's, one with all d's.  SO FUN!

My Favorite new item is my letter confusion packet.  Despite my best efforts, some of my students continue to struggle with letter confusions.  So, I created this packet to give students extra practice in discerning letters.  I chose the letters my students most often struggle with,  b, d, p, q, h, n, u. You can link directly to it here!

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