Life is Too Short!

March has arrived! We are ready for spring break, but not before we celebrate St.Patricks Day and Easter!  Wow! So busy!
It would not be March if we did not get to celebrate Read Across America with a little taste of Green Eggs and Ham and a crazy Dr. Seuss inspired hair day!



February always comes with fun for the color red, hearts, love and a student teacher!! Yeah! She is amazing and I am so lucky to have her!
February also includes our community unit and we were able to take 3 fun filled field trips! We first studied what happens in a restauant by visiting McDonalds. Next was a visit to the hospital.  Lastly, we took my dog for a check up at the local vet.  SO MUCH FUN!
McDonalds has VATS of soda!  Wow!
At the hospital we wore cool hats and had to wash our hands!
Such A Happy Dog! 
I cant believe I have not posted anything since January! Funny how time really just gets away from you.  January was a tough month here and it has taken some time for us to recover.  Unfortunately, one of my students passed away from the flu.  The atmosphere has been very solomn around here and we miss this amazing little guy terribly! Life is so short and we just never really know what will happen.

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